Likeable Characters and Anti-heroes

Within my MA in Creative Writing we were recently asked to discuss some characters that we found compelling even though we may have conflicted feelings towards them. Then we discussed anti-heroes and how readers enjoy wicked characters. I’ve conflated the two discussions into one commentary and leave it here for your perusal: Continue reading



Watching the kids open their advent calendars on the first day of December is always good fun, and I always make a point of asking the wife where mine is. But she never takes me up on it.

However, after this annual family ceremony, I logged onto my OU student homepage to find that my first assignment of part 2 of the MA is ready for collection. Continue reading

The Holy Glimmers of Goodbyes

I entered a 100 word microfiction competition in a fantastic online journal called  Flashback Fiction (If you like reading historical flash, or would like to have some historical flash published then check them out) for the Hundredth anniversary of the end of World War One. My piece was called — yip you guessed it — ‘The Holy Glimmers of Goodbyes’.

Although the story didn’t, ultimately, get shortlisted it was selected as an editor’s choice Continue reading